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Carrington Court's Assisted Living Video Tours and Virtual Assisted Living Floor Plans for Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Pictures of assisted living facilities are nice, but why settle for pictures when you can take video tours and virtual tours of Carrington Court's Assisted Living and Memory Care Assisted Living!

Please enjoy these tours and when you are done make sure to schedule a live tour to see and feel the wonderful atmosphere that Carrington Court provides!

Take a video tour of the Assisted Living Community:

Take an Interactive Virtual tour of the Assisted Living Model Room:

Take a video tour of the Memory Care Community:

Take an Interactive Virtual tour of the Memory Care Semi-Private Model Room:

Take an Interactive Virtual tour of the Memory Care Private Model Room:

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Assisted Living

Seniors who require help from time to time but wish to maintain their independence are good candidates for assisted living.

Carrington Court's Assisted Living community is designed for seniors who require assistance in some aspects of daily living. This assistance can include help with mobility, transportation, medication administration, personal grooming and hygiene, incontinence management and more. Carrington Court offers care plans designed to suit the specific needs of each resident.

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Memory Care

Seniors who have memory impairments, dementia, or Alzheimer's disease are great candidates for memory care.

Carrington Court's Memory Care Community is designed to support seniors suffering from Alzheimer's Disease or other memory disorders. While safety and security are the primary concern, care plans are also customized to the individuals' needs and the family's wishes. Resources such as Alzheimer's support groups are often available to assist loved ones.

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