Happy Halloween!!!

We love getting into the spirit of each holiday at Carrington Court. Here are some pictures from Halloween Day of our amazing staff and resident’s dressed up to celebrate.

CNAs Riahna and Raquell

CNAs Olivia and Vickie

Assisted Living AM crew: Olivia, Kylie, Alexa, Michelle, Nicole, Raquell, Vickie, Riahna, Michael, and Debbie

Administration: Alexa, Kylie, Nicole, and Michael

Michelle and Alexa dressed up as Hermione from Harry Potter

Blanca and Kayla

Morning crew from both sides. Back row: Raquell, Blanca, Michael, Lindsay, Ashley, Vickie, Nicole, Alexa, Michelle, and Olivia. Front row: Kayla, Paige, Kylie, Debbie, and Riahna.

Best friends, Wanda and Marilyn, are always so stylish for the holidays

Monica is rocking the pumpkin earrings

Carol C. is a decorating queen and it shows in her adorable Halloween bear sweatshirt

Wilbern’s wife, Charlotte, sporting a pumpkin shirt

CNA EJ’s full costume

A close up of EJ’s awesome makeup

Memory Care PM crew: Paige, Makylah, Nicole, Kylie, Sydnee, and Melissa

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