Celebrating National Assisted Living Week 2017

We just got through with another National Assisted Living week. This year the theme was “Families are Forever” and that is so true. Here at Carrington Court we are all one big family.

“Family isn’t always blood, it’s the people in your life who want you in theirs: the ones who accept you for who you are, the ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.”- Maya Angelou

First we kicked things off with a wonderful trip to the State Fair!

Shauna, Renee, Lovella, Annette, Laura lee and David

Annette and her daughter Liz

Shauna and Dorothy with some giant pumpkins

Look at that cute baby goat!

Shauna and Sarah petting the calfs

Cute pigs!

The butter sculpture


Mona and her son Randy

Lovella and her son Scott

Enjoying the arts and crafts

This guy made us laugh
































































Another day we colored pictures for Grandparents Day! Bill got a visit from his new 3 week old granddaughter and daughter! What a happy grandpa! And Grace had a visit from some of her children!

Annette coloring away


Renee and her son

Final product

Bill and CNA Naomi

All done

Bill and his 3 week old granddaughter and daughter

Lucky grandpa!









































Grace and her family



















One day we made collages of pictures from magazines that brought back great family memories, another day we made family trees, and we also made houses from paper sacks, Home Sweet Home!

Making collages
























Shauna with family

Our houses

Home sweet home

Working on our family trees

Annette, with three generations on her tree



















































And it’s always fun to have a friend, here at Carrington Court friends come in all forms.

Annette and Dorothy

Shauna and Dona

Annette and Dorothy are friends and roommates

Judy and Brooke her daughter-in-law

Bill and Naomi

Sarah and Judy











































And we ended our week with some good old fashioned baking! We are so grateful to all those who make what we do everyday possible! National Assisted living week was great!

Getting ready

Annette mixing

Dorothy mixing

Thelma ready to help


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