The residents sure do love Bingo! We play almost everyday around 3pm. It is always a good time. You can play as many cards as you want, a few of the residents like to play with 4 or 5 cards! (Wow! I wonder how many Bingo’s they win!?) They play a variety of different ways to win Bingo. They like to play four corners, Postage stamp. Birthday cake, the letter H, the letter T, small picture frame, B’s & O’s and of course Blackout! One of our residents Frank; he loves to be the caller of Bingo sometimes. He surely gets a kick out of it. Frank knows how to speak in Norwegian. So once in a while you can hear him calling the numbers in English and then in Norwegian!

In the pictures below you can see that everyone has one card. Well when it is almost the end of playing, they pick only 1 lucky card and try to get a blackout!

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