Bread Making

A few weeks ago the residents here at Carrington Court had a wonderful Volunteer come to make some bread for us. Her name is Verlene. She is Rhea’s daughter. (Rhea is a resident who lives with us at Carrington Court.) We really enjoyed listening to Verlene and Rhea about how to make bread. Verlene put a ton of work into preparing this activity for us. For example, she tracked down Rhea’s old bread pans that a family relative had. She also drove all the way to Logan, Utah to pick up a certain kind of flour to use. They also had homemade jam and even brought milk! Not mention she also practiced making the bread a few days before hand. She wanted to brush up on her bread making skills. Verlene had not made bread in quite sometime. Needless to say the activity went very well and the bread was perfect! A big thank you to Rhea and her daughter Verlene for all the hard work they put in!

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