Parting is such sweet sorrow

It is always hard to say goodbye to our University of Utah students after twelve weeks of getting to know one-another. However, we are so excited to see where their futures lead them. The most recently group of U of U students ended their time with us mid-August. Three of the students (Brandon, Monica, and Megan) are going on to further their educations with masters and doctoral programs and one of the students (Tierra) is jumping straight into the workforce to lead senior community activity exercise groups. We wish you well Megan, Tierra, Monica, and Brandon!

Everyone is trying to complete the brain-buster exercise

Brandon leading the group in the brain-buster exercise (your hands must move opposite directions while spinning your fingers)

Musical Jeopardy (residents versus U of U students)

Brandon, Monica, and Megan helping keep score and track of the questions/music

Tierra was the master-mind behind the musical selections

The U students lost miserably

Time for reminiscing questions

Sharing stories about our past experiences with each other

We don’t do serious here 🙂    (Norma and Jim)

End of semester pictures!

Silly faces

Strike a pose

Dancing the day away


U for University of Utah


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