Feeding the birds at Liberty Park

Recently our assisted living crew took a trip to Liberty Park to feed the geese and the ducks. Norma, Molly, and Vicki were able to hand feed a few of the geese. We had so much fun. It was a gorgeous day for an outing and to visit with good friends and community members.

Mike and Ellen

Floyd, Mike, Ellen, Lynn H., Molly, and Myrna

Norma, Jeane, and Vicki


Molly hand feeding a goose

Vicki and Norma hand feeding the geese

Norma hand feeding a goose

Floyd, Mike, Ellen, and Lynn up close with a goose

Norma is always up for chatting with the younger generation

Mike, Ellen, Lynn H., Molly, Louis, and Myrna

These geese were not shy at all!

We had so much fun today getting to feed the geese and ducks!

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