Paws, noses, and tails

We love any and all visitors here at Carrington Court. Some of our visitors are somethings of the four legged variety. Animal interaction is a great way to perk up anyone’s day and our assisted living side loves getting to love on dogs. A local group, Life is Pawsible, recently brought in some of the dogs they show and train and let us interact with them after showing us some of the tricks they can do. It was a fun afternoon and we hope they come to visit again.

The pups posing for us

Interacting with our assisted living crew (Norma and Vicki)

Dona, Floyd, Scott, and Lynn H. getting to know one of the dogs

Jeane getting ready to say “hi”

Alice chatting with one of the handlers while getting loves

A gentle giant

Molly and Gene

Lynn T. and Vicki


Lisa and Suzanne

Introducing the dogs

Such a smart pouch; able to read commands

Sitting pretty

Wanting cuddles

Just hanging out

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