Happy Veteran’s Day

Here at Carrington Court it is important for us to honor our veterans. This year our Veteran’s Day Ceremony was amazing. We had Annette Steward and Raylee Gifford’s fifth grade class from Jordan Ridge Elementary come perform songs and dances for us, our speaker for the event was USAF Technical Sergeant Keith Topolski, and we had Rebecca Anderson, inter-faith chaplain deliver the closing remarks and closing prayer. Our administrator, Michael Nielson announced the veterans we are blessed to having living with us including Newel Ward (US Army), Larry Rodgers (US Air Force), David Watt (US Air Force), Floyd Druce (US Army), Frank Haight (US Navy), Glen Ottosen (US Navy), Leon Robertson (US Army), Louis Pickett (US Army), and Al Casler (US Navy). We are honored and thankful that these men fought for us and have chosen to make Carrington Court their home.

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