BINGO is a much loved pastime here at Carrington Court. Several days a week our assisted living crew gathers in the afternoon to play together. We have a ton of fun razing each other, seeing who¬† will shout out “BINGO” first, and just taking time to enjoy each other’s company. We always welcome extra players if you ever want to try your luck.

The crew

Larry and Carolyn

Louis and Willy

Lynn D.





Jeane and Alicia


2017 Family Christmas Dinner

Earlier this month we hosted a Christmas dinner for our resident’s and their families. It was such a fun night with good food, great company, and a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus. We are so grateful to all of the staff that helped make this night such a hit and for the families that came to visit with us and enjoy a meal and fellowship. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

String Concert

Last Saturday we were pleased to host the Walburger Violin Studio for our assisted living crew. We had so much fun watching them play well known Christmas songs as well as a few nursery rhymes. This was the first time the group performed as a string quartet as well and we must say they did an amazing job at it!

Gavin, Emberly, Aubrie, Shelby, Megan, and Raegan






Emberly, Aubrie, Shelby, and Gavin

Uptown Chorus

We have been loving all of the performances we’ve been lucky enough to host this past month. One of our more recent guests were the Uptown Chorus performers. They sang and danced to some of the great Christmas songs and put on a great show. A huge thank you to all of the groups that have come to visit so far. We cannot wait to see more!

Utah Dance Artists

The Utah Dance Artists came in earlier this month to put on a Christmas themed ballet recital. There were absolutely adorable and put on a wonderful performance. The children were excited to be here stating that it was nice to have a relaxed atmosphere and be able to talk with our assisted living crew rather than just have to perform. We have to agree. We had so much fun talking with the performers after they completed their performance. We hope to have them back again!

Nativity Festival

Wilbern and Mel

Nancy and Myrna

Lynn H.


Vicki and Nancy

Norma and Jeane

Glen and Carol C.

Our assisted living crew took a tour of the Nativity Festival and saw some beautiful and creative nativity scenes. The people who created these are amazing talented and we are grateful that they allow their works to be displayed for our viewing pleasure.