Halloween Activity

Once a month or so our assisted living crew gets to spend time with some of the students from Jordan Ridge Elementary. This month the students spent time working on drawings and making candle holders with our residents. The students teamed up with a resident to glue tissue paper onto candle holders to give the look of stained glass when the candle is lit. The pictures below show how much fun we had that day!

Nancy, Rhea, and Vicki

Vicki, Rhea, and Nancy interacting with the students

Betty, Joyce, and Eulala talking and working with the students

Floyd, Grant, and Lynn H. with their students

Lynn H., Grant, and Floyd working on their candles

Marilyn and Myrna getting to know the students

Molly and Myrna starting with the glue

Larry, Norma, and Carolyn

Larry listening to the students

Gene M. and Loui

Louis, Gene M., and Glen O.

Glen O. and a student getting to know each other

Jeane and a student working one-on-one

Janice and a student taking a moment to relax and smile

Frank chatting with the student’s teacher


The students brought big smiles to our assisted living crew. We are so glad we got to hang out with them for the morning.

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