New Fiddlers

Jamming together

They have an eclectic style and we loved it!

Our assisted living crew

Rocking out

They have all sorts of instruments

It was fun to see how each instrument was played

We are so glad they took time to entertain us

Wouldn’t be complete without a banjo

The New Fiddlers came to perform for us earlier in September. Their music style includes country, western, bluegrass, folk, gospel, and oldies. Led by Terry McClellan the band includes Aimee Ballard, Parley Blight, Roger Fairbanks, George Fenstermacher, Judy Ferrell, Kathryn Goates, Marse Lugenbeel, and George Olsen. We had a wonderful time listening to them play.

Gale Center Museum

We are blessed to have our facility located in South Jordan. This month we took the assisted living crew to the Gale Center Museum to learn about the history of South Jordan. We were able to learn about Gene Fullmer and his brothers, the “Fighting Fullmers” and see how some parts of South Jordan would have looked in the past.

Reading about the Fighting Fullmers

Our tour guide explaining more about the Fullmer brothers

Looking at some of the pictures of the Fullmer brothers

Tour guide giving us information about the history of South Jordan

A better view of the Fullmer brothers’ wall

Some of the mementos from the Fullmer brothers

Learning about the markets

Learning about historic commerce in South Jordan

More of the market area

Bakery case

Grant taking a moment to relax and listen

A small view of what a house might have looked like

Some history about the Native American population

Listening intently

Learning about the history with Native Americans from the area

Lounging while we listen

What an auto shop would have looked like

Headed home

Celebrating the past; embracing the future

West Jordan Senior Band

Nancy  singing her heart out

Nancy was able to join the band for the day

Singing and dancing together

“Everyone should sing along”

The whole band

They drew a crowd

Singing brings everyone together

They have many different instruments

Including harmonicas

And drums

Rocking out on the piano

Having a great time

Earlier this month we were able to host the West Jordan Senior Band. This is a group that gets together just to have fun singing and playing with each other and for the community. We were so glad they came to perform and allowed us to participate with them.

Native American Day

There are all sorts of National Day’s out there. Native American Day was one we couldn’t pass up! We had so much fun making these colorful dream catchers to hang up!

Garden of Sunflowers

Autumn is just around the corner which means sunflowers, leaves falling, pumpkin pie, sweaters, hot chocolate, and more.  We decided to celebrate by creating a sunflower page to decorate our rooms with. See the beautiful results below.


Wilbern and his wife, Charlotte, working on their project









Alicia and Vicki




One of our CNAs, Raquell, helps Myrna decorate her page

Utah State Fair

Instead of Rodgers and Hammerstein it’s Carrington Court AL Presents the State Fair! On September 8th we were able to visit the Utah State Fair with our assisted living crew. We saw all sorts of animals, gigantic veggies and fruits, a Guinness Book of World Records clown and daredevil, and generally just had a great time.

Hand crafted quilts and tatting

Alicia in the arts and crafts building

Jeane with her family

Wandering around the arts and crafts building

Rhea looking at the award winning treats with one of our amazing volunteers

Frances, Grant, and some of our volunteers looking at the canned goods

Award winning canned goods

Betty and Courtney

Nancy and Charlotte with one of our volunteers

Lisa and one of our fabulous volunteers

Admiring some of the quilts

Molly and her daughter, Claudia

Vicki and Zach

Stained glass globe

Nancy in front of the painted eggs

Butter art…who knew?

Butter art

Butter art based on the American Gothic painting by Grant Wood

Admiring these cuties

More goats

The goats were all for getting attention


Frank and one of our wonderful volunteers

Nancy and one of the state fair volunteers

Pulling cheese

Dairy cows


Adorable piglets

Just finished getting sheared

Frances got to touch Bello Nock’s infamous hair (he is known as the world’s greatest daredevil)

Guinness Book of World Records daredevil and clown Bello Nock preformed for us

Enjoying some well earned shade

Debby and Lynn


Friends at Carrington Court

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.”  – C.S. Lewis

Our sweet Donna and Marion, are roommates and also good friends.

“There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and live just a little bit better.” And we are so grateful for those people in our lives.