United Dance Aritist- children perform!

We want to thank United Dance Artist for coming to Carrington Court to perform! The children did great, and the resident’s loved it! One of our resident’s Marilyn had a granddaughter who performed.

Utah State Capitol Tour

Carrington Court went and toured the Utah State Capitol! The residents said it was very beautiful, they had a lot of fun, and they enjoyed the tour very much! Nancy said her favorite thing about the Capitol was the beautiful ceiling.

Jordan Ridge Elementary “Grandparent” program; American Heritage Academy come to visit!

2nd graders from Jordan Ridge Elementary school came to Carrington Court to sing us their “Grandparent” program. Thank you for sharing your program with us, we enjoyed it very much!

Also, we had some more visitors from American Heritage Academy in South Jordan, come to visit with the residents. A fun fact: Two of the exchange students from China are living with our resident Deloris’ grandson!

Thank you U of U students!

Carrington Court resident’s want to thank the U of U students- Sean, Andrew, Colby and Joe for their time and effort in helping the resident’s learn new exercises, and providing fun games every Saturday. We really enjoyed you coming and we wish you luck in your futures! Today in activities we played balloon volleyball, bulls eye, and fact or crap.

U students last day 4-22 029



What’s better than ice cream on a warm spring day? Nothing! We love going on our monthly visits to Leatherby’s and getting to enjoy their delicious ice cream!

Bunnie’s come to visit Carrington Court!

Today we had a surprise visit from 4 cute, furry, lovable bunnies! The resident’s sure did love to get to hold, and pet the bunnies. Here’s some pictures that shows their excitement!