Pajama Day!

Here at Carrington Court we have an annual Pajama Day! Where all of the residents and staff are allowed to wear their Christmas Pajamas! It’s such a fun day & everyone looks forward to it!



Carrington Court’s Christmas Dinner

Carrington Courts annual Christmas dinner! Every year, each resident is allowed to invite two guests to join them for a delicious Christmas dinner. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus come and brightens up the party with their holiday cheer! The residents love having their families come to celebrate Christmas, and being able to share a Christmas meal together.

Christmas Choir Performance

We appreciate you coming and spreading the holiday cheer! You put on a great show, the residents had a fun time and enjoyed it very much. Happy Holidays!

Children Choir Performance

Thank you for coming to perform to us, and spread the Christmas cheer! You all did great, and our residents loved it! Thank you for the roses!

We love Christmas Crafts!

Christmas is coming! Here at Carrington Court we are very festive! The resident’s love to make Christmas crafts, and have the holiday cheer! The staff of Carrington Court have put up beautiful trees and decorations!

Festival of Tree’s 2016

Every year we go to the Festival of Tree’s, and get to see the beauty and talent that goes into the tree’s, wreath’s, blanket’s, etc. The residents enjoy going and getting to feel the joy of Christmas!