Dance Performance at Carrington Court!

Thank you for coming to perform to us today! It’s time for the holidays, and whats better than cute kids dancing for their Christmas recital? We enjoyed the dances, and look forward to seeing you next year!

Carrington Court’s Thanksgiving Dinner

Carrington Court celebrated Thanksgiving on November 17th. To celebrate, each of the residents got to invite two special guests to join them for our traditional Thanksgiving dinner! The kitchen staff always works very hard to make sure that we have wonderful food to eat, and a great dining experience to share with their loved ones! The residents enjoy having this dinner, and love having their family here to share it with them. Happy Thanksgiving!

Adventure to Frank’s room!

Frank is such a talented, smart, funny, kind person! He is an amazing painter. He likes to use oil paint for his canvas. The paintings he has in his room is mostly of his horses from his horse ranch. He painted one of his wife Meryl, and one of flowers in a vase. Frank was a school teacher at Joel P. Jensen middle school, and taught in California. He taught English and History. Also, he taught people who wanted to become American citizens. Frank says that is “one of the most rewarding things he has ever done.” Frank has his Master’s degree, and a Ph.D. He has gone on two missions to Norway, he can speak Norwegian very well!

Meet Frank!

Meet Frank!


Carrington Court Celebrates Veteran’s Day!

We thank everyone who helped present this emotional and amazing presentation for our Veteran’s. Boy scouts from Jordan Ridge Elementary in Mrs. Whitaker’s Fifth grade class, presented our beautiful flag and lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. We want to thank Russ Whitaker who is a Vietnam Veteran, and Darrin Higgins from the Utah National Guard who gave moving speeches!! We also want give a big thank you to our residents who have served for our country. Glenn, Floyd, Jim, Newel, Louis, Bill, Robert, Althea, Frank, Leon. It is an emotional day for our Veterans and as well as many of their wives.

We thank our Veteran's!!

We thank our Veteran’s!!

Floyd, Frank, Newel, Jim, Leon, Louis, Glenn and Bill. Happy Veteran's day!

Floyd, Frank, Newel, Jim, Leon, Louis, Glenn and Bill. Happy Veteran’s day!


Glenn's uniform and medals.

Glenn’s uniform and medals.