The residents sure do love Bingo! We play almost everyday around 3pm. It is always a good time. You can play as many cards as you want, a few of the residents like to play with 4 or 5 cards! (Wow! I wonder how many Bingo’s they win!?) They play a variety of different ways to win Bingo. They like to play four corners, Postage stamp. Birthday cake, the letter H, the letter T, small picture frame, B’s & O’s and of course Blackout! One of our residents Frank; he loves to be the caller of Bingo sometimes. He surely gets a kick out of it. Frank knows how to speak in Norwegian. So once in a while you can hear him calling the numbers in English and then in Norwegian!

In the pictures below you can see that everyone has one card. Well when it is almost the end of playing, they pick only 1 lucky card and try to get a blackout!

Bread Making

A few weeks ago the residents here at Carrington Court had a wonderful Volunteer come to make some bread for us. Her name is Verlene. She is Rhea’s daughter. (Rhea is a resident who lives with us at Carrington Court.) We really enjoyed listening to Verlene and Rhea about how to make bread. Verlene put a ton of work into preparing this activity for us. For example, she tracked down Rhea’s old bread pans that a family relative had. She also drove all the way to Logan, Utah to pick up a certain kind of flour to use. They also had homemade jam and even brought milk! Not mention she also practiced making the bread a few days before hand. She wanted to brush up on her bread making skills. Verlene had not made bread in quite sometime. Needless to say the activity went very well and the bread was perfect! A big thank you to Rhea and her daughter Verlene for all the hard work they put in!

University of Utah Students Last Day

This semester we had 3 wonderful students from the University of Utah. (You can see a previous blog about the students here.) Kerry, Broderick, and Dane who come every Saturday morning. Sadly today was their last day being the residents at Carrington Court. They will be graduating in just 3 short weeks! Kerry is applying to Med School. Broderick is going into dental school and Dane is going into nursing. They will be missed, but we are happy for them for graduating and following their dreams! They bring so much excitement and fun to our environment. The residents love spending time with them. In the pictures below you can see the students are residents doing their morning exercises, followed by playing balloon badminton downstairs by the fireplace. The residents wanted to go outside to play but unfortunately it was too cold and windy out. In the end they all enjoyed their last day with the students.

We like to MOVE IT! MOVE IT!

Exercise is very important to the overall health and well-being of our residents at Carrington Court as it helps maintain muscle strength and flexibility as well as improve mood. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning we begin our exercise with deep breaths and some pool noodle exercises. We then sing with and follow along to a video of chair dancing exercises. The exercise wakes us up and helps us feel happy and energized for our day.

In addition to our Tuesday and Thursday exercise routines, we also enjoy playing games such as basketball…


and our favorite- “Balloon Badmitten”. This game makes us all laugh so much!

Memory Care Easter Party

A big THANK YOU to all the families who came out for the Easter Party! Everyone had a great time hunting for eggs, eating donuts, and being with family. We love our Carrington Court parties!

Easter 2016 143