St Patrick’s Day

What a fun St Patrick’s Day we had! We made necklaces and listened to traditional Irish music. Later we had the Old Time Fiddlers come play music for us! The residents loved singing and dancing to the music and we all had a great time!



Spring is in the air! Oh wait, that is the smell of Leatherby’s Ice Cream!

Our Residents sure do love their Ice Cream & what better way to celebrate Spring other than eating Ice cream?! Our wonderful activity director planned an outing to go to the delicious Leatherby’s on Friday for the celebration of Spring! You can tell by these pictures they really enjoyed their Ice Cream and the wonderful company they were around!

Perparing for the Easter Party

The residents here at Carrington Court geared up two weeks ago and filled over 1,481 plastic eggs stuffed with candy for the Easter egg hunt that was held last week. They worked so hard to fill the eggs! Everyone sure was hungry after looking at all of that candy! Of course we let them eat some candy if they wanted to!

Easter 2016

Each year Carrington Court gives our residents the opportunity to see their loved ones hunt for Easter eggs and even see the Easter bunny. Grandchildren and great grandchildren gathered in the activity room with their loved ones patiently waiting to grab those colorful Easter eggs. Then within a dash they were off running around the entire building trying to find the eggs. Carrington Court even hid 20 golden eggs. Once they found a golden egg they were encouraged to turn them in for a special PRIZE! The party was a huge success! It was a great time filled with a lot of candy, doughnuts, and of course raffle prizes which were won by kids and even the residents!

It is always rewarding to see the smiling faces of our residents as they celebrate these special moments with their families and friends.


Under the Sea

For our March outing we took a trip to the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. A big thanks to all our volunteers and CNA’s for going with us! We had a fantastic time seeing all the animals and fish!

Easter 2016 088

Dixie, Grace and Larene

Again, thanks to our volunteers!

Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras!

Memory Care had a great time learning about the Mardi Gras carnival and traditions while listening to jazz music and making crowns.February 2016 049February 2016 051February 2016 047 February 2016 048

We also made our own version of the traditional King Cake.February 2016 056 February 2016 057 February 2016 058

We continued our celebration with a Carrington Court Mardi Gras Parade! We wore our crowns, masks, and beads as we marched down the halls playing our instruments and singing “When the Saints Go Marching In”.

February 2016 061 February 2016 062   February 2016 065 February 2016 066 February 2016 067 February 2016 069 February 2016 070 February 2016 071 February 2016 072February 2016 085February 2016 087 February 2016 086February 2016 073 February 2016 074 February 2016 077 February 2016 080 February 2016 081 February 2016 082 February 2016 083

Everyone had a wonderful time! And the cake was DELICIOUS!

February 2016

February was a busy month for our Memory Care residents. We celebrated Presidents Day and Valentine’s Day- with a trip to Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory as well as our family dinner.

For President’s Day we read books about our presidents and learned all kinds of fun and interesting new facts. We made star cakes with red and blue confetti and sang lots of patriotic songs. As a craft we made George Washington’s which were a lot of fun. We also had a good time discussing what everyone would do or not do if they were President. of the United States.

February 2016 016February 2016 015February 2016 014

We made American Flag windsocks and listened to Elvis 🙂

Valentine’s Outing to Mrs. Cavanaugh’s

mrs cavanaughs chocolate factory tour016015


Valentine’s Dinner! – A BIG THANK YOU! to all the families who participated 🙂

First, we decorated …

February 2016 125 February 2016 123 February 2016 119 February 2016 116 February 2016 115 February 2016 113 February 2016 112 February 2016 111 February 2016 109

and laughed…

February 2016 128 February 2016 126

February 2016 108 February 2016 103February 2016 102February 2016 096February 2016 095    February 2016 176

and relaxed…

February 2016 099February 2016 106

February 2016 121February 2016 069


We went to the beauty shop to make sure everyone looked their best…

February 2016 070

and then had our pictures taken!

February 2016 071 February 2016 067 February 2016 064 February 2016 063 February 2016 061 February 2016 059 February 2016 056 February 2016 055 February 2016 052 February 2016 050 February 2016 044 February 2016 041 February 2016 038February 2016 094

February 2016 090 February 2016 088


And then it was time to party!


February 2016 129February 2016 170 February 2016 197 February 2016 196 February 2016 195 February 2016 194February 2016 191February 2016 189 February 2016 188February 2016 186 February 2016 185 February 2016 183February 2016 180 February 2016 175 February 2016 172February 2016 173  February 2016 169February 2016 167 February 2016 166February 2016 164 February 2016 163 February 2016 161February 2016 159February 2016 155 February 2016 154 February 2016 152 February 2016 151 February 2016 150February 2016 147 February 2016 146 February 2016 143 February 2016 140February 2016 135 February 2016 134February 2016 132

Everyone had a great time! Thanks again for participating! We LOVE our Memory Care residents and families!


Easter Bunny Craft

The residents here at Carrington Court made these cute paper lantern bunnies! The project was a lot of hard work but well worth it. It took them about an hour to glue and put them together. They even had to glue Popsicle sticks to back of the head because the ears were so big they wouldn’t stay up by themselves! The residents decided to hang them above the fountain in the main entrance. So when friends and family walk into Carrington Court Assisted Living they are welcomed by the adorable “hoppy” bunnies.

Pinewood Derby 2016 041