Trick or Treat night here at Carrington Court

Carrington Court invites everyone’s kids, grand kids, and even some of the kids from our ward like to come trick-or-treating. The residents are given candy, and little trinkets to hand out to the kids. The residents either sit or stand in the hallways in awe looking at all of the fun costumes running up and down the hallways.

Pumpkin Fun!

The University of Utah Students decided that it would be fun to have the residents decorate pumpkins for Halloween! They did everything to painting them, googly eyes to even making little pipe cleaner spiders. Take a look at the super cute pumpkins below.

Georgell Doll Shop in Gardner Village

Over the summer Carrington Court Assisted Living went to Georgell Doll Shop in Gardner Village. They have the most beautiful and delicate dolls there. The family who owns this shop has many dolls in storage and hopes to one day open a doll museum. Now wouldn’t that be cool?!






This is where the idea to open a doll shop started. See that little doll in the bottom left hand corner? The little girl always carried it with her all the time, no matter where she went.


Jim and Diane


The outside of the shop.


Sarah Joyce


“WOW! That is beautiful!”

015 018


025 028

Car Show

Over the summer Carrington Court had a chance to go see a one of a kind car collection. Ron Thorne a local guy here in South Jordan let us come and check out a couple cars. Thanks Mr. Thorne!


Jim standing next to one of the cars we saw.


“Hey nice looking car Floyd!”


Gene in the garage looking at some of the collection.