Memorial Day Wreath’s

In celebration of Memorial day we made a wreath, the residents really enjoy our Holiday crafts!! It gets them in the mood for the holiday! Then they also have something to decorate there doors with!

Utah Dance Artists

This adorable group of dancers have been coming to Carrington Court for the last four years twice a year, to perform for our residents! Their performances are always top notch and their costumes are spectacular. They always fit perfectly with the song they are dancing to! The residents really get excited when they know they are coming to perform!


Mother’s Day Dinner

Each resident here at Carrington Court got to invite two special guests to join them for dinner in celebration of Mother’s Day. We are so honored to have so many wonderful mothers in our community, each of them have such amazing stories to tell. Happy Mother’s day to all of you!

Leatherby’s Ice Cream

The residents took a drive a couple weeks ago to Leatherby’s Ice Cream Parlor to enjoy any type of ice cream they chose! This is one of their very favorite places to go on an outing! Who doesn’t like Ice Cream?

Earth Day!

Carrington Court celebrated Earth Day this year by going to the South Jordan Park and planting trees! It was a beautiful day to hang out at the park, and enjoy each others company while remembering how grateful to be, to live in such a beautiful place.