Meet our new Utah University Students!

It’s time for another semester at the University of Utah! We have six students that will be coming every week for the next twelve weeks to entertain our residents and help them with physical activities to better their minds and bodies! This group of students seems to be very enthusiastic and excited to get to know each and every one of our residents. And keep them happy and healthy! We look forward to seeing the fun activities they come up with in the next couple months!

Balloon Badminton!

Balloon Badminton is probably one of the most popular games here at Carrington Court! The residents absolutely LOVE this game! It helps them with their hand-eye coordination and really keeps them content and happy! If they could play this every day I think they would love it. It’s an all around favorite!


The residents LOVE to play BINGO! They play it almost every afternoon at 3 PM and it never gets old! They get a candy for every two bingo’s they win! As you can see in the pictures Frank loves to call bingo! He likes to say it in English and then in Norwegian! which the residents really get a kick out of!

Winter is here! Were making snowflakes!

The residents made another beautiful craft in activities last week! They painted snowflakes, which they will hang up on a stand to enjoy in their rooms this winter season. They love doing hands on things like this and the best part is they get something fun and cute to look at in their room!

Meet Frank!

Frank is a resident here at Carrington. He has lived here for about four months, we have loved having him here with us. Frank was a high school teacher many years ago, the last couple weeks during our morning activities he has asked me if he can read some short stories out of the “Chicken Soup for the soul” books, I of course said Yes! After he got done reading a couple short stories he came to me and said “Thank you for letting me do that, it brings me back to the years I was teaching school and makes me feel good” Frank is always wiling to help out and tells funny stories that make the other residents laugh. We are glad he is here with us! He brings a happy, bright spirit to Carrington.