Dance Performers!

Every year a group of dancers from a studio here in South Jordan come to Carrington Court to perform their holiday dances for the residents! These girls only go to dance class one hour a week and learn these dances in eight weeks! They are good little dancers, the residents really look forward to seeing them come every year!

We will miss the U of U students

A group of five college students have been coming to Carrington Court every Saturday morning for the last twelve weeks to exercise and do activities with the residents. This group has been exceptional! Our residents really always looked forward to coming and seeing what new things they were going to have up their sleeves, they were so energetic and outgoing and came up with the coolest, craziest activities including having the residents pull them with a rope across the room while they sat on a skateboard! They really brought a lot of life to Carrington and today was their last week here. All of the boys in this group will be graduating this December! This is all of their very last class and they will be on to looking for their careers next! The boys actually got emotional this morning when they had to say goodbye to the residents. This was more than a class for them, they really truly bonded with these residents and we will miss them very much! Thank You boys for everything you did to bring life to Carrington! Good luck with your next adventures!



Thanksgiving Dinner

Carrington Court celebrated Thanksgiving on November 20th. To celebrate, each of the residents got to invite two special guests to join them for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner! The kitchen staff always works very hard to make sure that we have wonderful food to eat, and a great dining experience to share with their loved ones!

We absolutely LOVE our Residents!

One of the many things here at Carrington Court that is so amazing is the relationships between the residents and their CNA’s. The CNA’s here at Carrington truly care and love their residents just as if they are their own Grandpa and Grandma. It’s amazing to watch these relationships grow. I am so grateful to all the CNA’s here, and how they all take their time and make sure each and every resident gets the wonderful care that they deserve. They make the environment a wonderful place to be in!


Halloween Party 2014!

The residents absolutely love seeing all the cute little ones all dressed up in the spirit of Halloween! We had a trick or treat Carrington Court style on Thursday night, the kids went around with their baskets to each of the residents rooms’ and collected their loads of candy! The kids all looked so cute and our residents became familiar with all the new Characters that came out in the last year.


Veterans Day!

The Boy Scouts of America came to Carrington Court to put on a Flag Ceremony for Veterans Day. It was wonderful and emotional as we know the majority of our residents were either in the military or had a spouse in the military. The residents really enjoyed this time this morning to watch our beautiful flags be presented. Notice the picture with the wonderful Men in it and the flag behind them, these are some of the Veterans that live here at Carrington!

Halloween Party was a blast!

We had a lot of fun at the fish pond.  The magic show was very entertaining for all ages.  We had so many cute people in costumes. The food was very good. Lots of smiles tonight.  Happy Halloween!!!

Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum at BYU Field Trip was the best.

We had a fun and interesting trip!  Thanks for driving us Mark.

Aquarium 2014

The residents here at Carrington got the opportunity to go to the new aquarium in Draper this last Friday! They absolutely loved seeing all the different species and they could not believe some of the facts they learned! Like, did you know the Seahorses are the only species where the male is the one that has the babies and not the Females!? They were fascinated at the things they leaned while they were there!

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