A beautiful day at the Zoo!

Our residents got the opportunity to go to the Hogle Zoo last Friday! It was a perfect sunny day, we especially thank all the wonderful volunteers that made this trip possible! Our residents here at Carrington Court absolutely love going to the Zoo!



Utah Chaplains and Carrington Court

Last week a great article was published in the Deseret News and appeared on the front page of the Sunday edition. The wonderful article talked about the Chaplains who recently graduated from the Utah-based World Spiritual Health Organization. Two of the Chaplains that graduated were ladies that for quite some time had been volunteering as Chaplains at Carrington Court. We are so proud of them and happy for the wonderful, loving time they spent with our residents! In the article it talks about the wonderful love and service these great folks give to all those they come in contact with. The article even quotes our very own Assisted Living Activities Director Diane Kunz. It is a fabulous article and worth a read.

To read the article go to: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865610951/Utah-chaplains-serve-God-country-and-fellow-man.html?pg=all

National Assisted Living Week 2014

National Assisted Living week was held this year on September eighth through the twelfth. We celebrate and show our spirit to our wonderful assisted living facility by dressing up different each day. Our residents enjoy seeing how creative we can get from one day to the next. Monday was Hawaiian day, Tuesday was favorite sports team day, Wednesday was favorite city, state, country T-shirt day, Thursday was cowboy/Indian day, and Friday was wild card costume day meaning we could choose what ever we wanted as our costume, and the “best costume” was given a prize! This year our winner was the lovely Raggedy Ann! We love seeing the smiles on the residents faces when we dress up, it makes it so worth it!

Going to see the new Ogden Temple.

The residents here at Carrington Court got the opportunity to spend a couple hours enjoying the beautiful temple grounds in Ogden, UT. They really enjoy getting out for a while to take in the nice fresh air, and they love seeing how things change so much over time. It was a beautiful day. We are so privileged to have such amazing volunteers that make trips like these possible.


Another Great morning at Carrington Court!

This morning we got the opportunity to meet five new Utah University students that will be with us every Saturday for the next twelve weeks to be involved, and get to know our wonderful residents! They have lots of fun activities already in mind and already the residents loved their outgoing personalities and all the energy they brought to activities this morning! We are all excited to see what the next twelve weeks will bring us! Enjoy the pictures!