These are some of the things we did during the month of July.

Best Friends!

Beverly and Dorothy met here at Carrington Court and ever since then they have been inseparable. They go every where together! They always wait for each other before they go down to meals or activities. They have the funniest sense of humors, they are constantly laughing when they are together. We love watching all kinds of relationships form. This is more than a place for them to stay, this is their home and we are glad they are able to become so close to each other!





Carnival Day!

The Residents loved carnival day! It was filled with enthusiasm, competition, games, popcorn and snow cones! The university students took a lot of time to plan this activity and even brought in some awesome prizes for the residents to win!

A New Found Love

Robert and Helen met here at Carrington Court about a year and a half ago, both had lost their spouses several years before they moved to Carrington Court, they were lonely and found happiness when they spent time together, over the past year and a half they have come to be inseparable. They are so funny when they are together, always making each other laugh. You can tell a difference in how happy they are when they are together. We are glad to have an environment where they were able to meet and become so close.