A Day at Carrington Court Assisted Living: CNA’s

Carrington Court has been blessed with wonderful CNA’s. The CNA’s are the people that are in the building twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year. Our team of CNA’s is filled with hard working and loving individuals that are constantly providing the absolute best care for our residents. The CNA’s are broken up into eight hour shifts, morning, evening and nights and each assigned a hall with a specific amount of residents to care for. Carrington Court proudly stands by their CNA to patient ratios. Most facilities have a very high amount of residents assigned to each CNA, but here, it is smaller.This way, CNA’s can spend more time with residents, providing care and visiting with them. As a CNA, the main goal is not only to give the residents outstanding care, but to give them an outstanding home filled with love. Being able to fix their hair, do their makeup, give the men an extra good shave, rub their hands with lotion, tell childhood stories and memories, making each resident feel warm and happy is the ultimate goal and that is what the CNA’s at Carrington Court do.

A CNA’s position is very rewarding. Each one of the Carrington Court CNA’s is a unique individual that is caring, compassionate and happy to stand by our loving residents.


A Day at Carrington Court Assisted Living: Activities

One of the many things that help contribute to making Carrington Court such a wonderful facility is our activities. Activities are held six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Instead of activities that simply consist of the same things everyday we like to give our residents a large variety of fun and creative activities that promote daily living and excitement in each day. From bus rides to various locations such at Temple Square and the Capitol Building, to Bingo and crafts. We play sports such as bowling and golf. We also have an assortment of entertainers that come and perform. A variety of musical guests have played for us. Scales and Tails have brought in reptiles of all sorts and the aviary group has brought in several different kinds of birds. Plus, those amazing jugglers are always a treat. Daily “Let’s Move” exercises are also held every morning. Our seated exercises are perfect for helping our residents work their joints and other areas of their bodies so they will stay strong. All of our activities are laid out in our monthly newsletter so residents will always know what activities will be occurring every day.

We want each and everyday at Carrington Court to be a unique day for our residents. A special thank you to our amazing activities director Diane, who makes all of these wonderful activities possible.

Mother’s Day Lunch

To celebrate the wonderful mother’s that we have here at Carrington Court we held a lunch for our residents and two their very special guests. It is our own tradition to hold the Mother’s Day Luncheon each year. Being a mother is a wonderful gift. Each one of our residents have not only cared for and raised there own children, but have also loved and cared for the Carrington Court staff as much as we love and care for them. Each one of these mothers has taught and shared so much with us. It was wonderful so see so many smiling faces as we celebrated these amazing women and mothers in our lives.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

A Day at Carrington Court Assisted Living: Maintance and Kitchen

Here at Carrington Court we are blessed to have a wonderful kitchen staff. Our kitchen staff is filled with certified chefs and servers. We have a baker that home makes all of our breads, desserts and treats. We also have a dietary manager here to help meet each of our residents nutritional needs. Our kitchen is constantly working to prepare all the meals for both our Memory Care and Assisted Living Communities. Each meal that is made is served into a clean dinning room. The dinning room is then cleaned again and the dishes washed before the next meal.  It takes a lot of time and preparation to create such wonderful meals for so many residents and guests and we cannot thank them enough for there hard work and commitment. Because of the wonderful kitchen staff our residents and guests are being served quality meals and delicious desserts.

Our Maintenance staff is another great aspect to the Carrington Court team. They are here to offer aide whenever something is not working properly inside our building. Many people do not know how many small things can wrong in a building our size, but, without hesitation those small problems are fixed because of the great care by Maintenance. From light bulb changes to painting, bus rides, water lines, and the wiring of our WiFi system, our Maintenance staff can do it all!





A Day at Carrington Court Assisted Living: Laundry and HouseKeeping

Here at Carrington Court we have a Memory Care community and an Assisted Living community. Together it makes 71 rooms and 85 plus residents. Our Laundry and Housekeeping staff is constantly working to make sure that our residents homes are clean and that they have fresh clothes each day.

Laundry services come on an every other day basis for each of our communities. This ensures that clothes are clean and that dirty linens will never pile up. Linens are picked up in the morning and returned by the afternoon. Our washing machines are always spinning!

Our housekeeping department is making visits to each room, every day. Bathrooms, kitchenettes, carpets vacuumed and dusting is constantly being done to ensure a clean home for our residents. The Carrington Court lobby, hallways, dining room and guest bathrooms are also being cleaned on a daily basis.

We are so appreciative of the hard work put in by these two departments. These determined individuals are always focused, interactive and great a part of the Carrington Court team.