The Olympic Games

In honor of this years Winter Olympics, residents and staff members of Carrington Court competed in there own version of the Olympic Games. We had four teams that competed in Olympic related events such as Curling, Ice Hockey, Figure Skating and an Olympic Trivia Quiz. Together our residents and employees fought for the gold.

Our Winter Olympics turned out to be a wonderful event with a lot of excitement, entertainment and fun! It was great to have the employees participate and help give our residents a creative way to play the Olympic Games.


Carringtion Court Crafts

Here at Carrington Court we like to give our residents the opportunity to participate in daily activities. From our ‘Let’s Move’ exercises to crossword puzzles and even sports. We like to create an atmosphere that offers a variety of daily activities that help promote daily living and fun! One of our residents favorite activities is the crafts. The residents have created winter snowflakes, holiday door decorations, painted bird houses, Valentines vases, snowmen, bracelets and a variety of other crafty arrangements. One Carrington Court resident stated that her favorite craft was the flower arrangements. She said, “I like having something bright and beautiful to look at.” These simple crafts give our residents a sense of accomplishment and creativity. We love being able to see the glow in their eyes when they admire what they have created.

Crafts are being created often. We are also seeing more volunteers coming to help with different crafts. With each one we have new experiences and memories that are made. Crafts have become a very popular and exciting event and we look forward to each time we get to create something new with our residents.


Below are pictures from a variety of different crafting experiences.