Pajama Day

Carrington Court has a lot of fun bringing different dress up days to the facility. Each year for National Assisted Living week the staff has the opportunity to dress up each day of the week. For Holidays and other specials events we also create different ideas to dress differently. It is wonderful to bring a new and exciting day for the residents and staff to participate in. This month, by resident request, we had Christmas Pajama Day! Accompanied by a giant teddy bear brought by a staff member. It was the most comfortable day yet!

Brunch with Santa Clause

Carrington Court has a tradition of making holidays a fun and exciting time for our residents. From our Mother’s and Father’s Day Brunch’s, our Halloween Trick or Treaters and Easter Party to the the ever exciting Brunch with Santa Clause. Well, this year we have done it again. With upwards of two hundred people it is safe to say we had a full house. Our amazing kitchen staff was up before the sun hand making each doughnut and creating the wonderful food that was served. As always, Santa Clause was there to greet each and every child and of course our wonderful residents. We love being able to bring these happy memories to our facility.

It was wonderful to see so many of our residents loved ones here. We thank everyone who joined us! As always, Carrington Court looks forward to each Holiday Celebration we get to share with you.

Girl Scouts

Carrington Court has the opportunity to have a great deal of volunteers come spend time with our residents. Recently, we had a wonderful group of Girl Scouts that came in and visited. Not only did they come to visit, but to earn a patch they were taught how to give hand massages with Essential Oils. Each of our residents received two hand massages for each hand accompanied by different scented oils that the girls worked into their joints and delicate hands. It was a wonderful experience to receive not only the relaxing massages, but to receive a smile from some very cute ladies.

Carrington Court welcomes all visitors! Our resident thoroughly enjoy getting to have new experiences and new faces to meet.

and see new faces each time a different group comes.