Getting Ready for the Halloween Party

Our residents took some time to dress up before the Halloween party.  Everyone got into the Halloween spirit.  Even our staff dressed up for the day!

Utah State Fair

Instead of Rodgers and Hammerstein it’s Carrington Court AL Presents the State Fair! On September 8th we were able to visit the Utah State Fair with our assisted living crew. We saw all sorts of animals, gigantic veggies and fruits, a Guinness Book of World Records clown and daredevil, and generally just had a great time.

Hand crafted quilts and tatting

Alicia in the arts and crafts building

Jeane with her family

Wandering around the arts and crafts building

Rhea looking at the award winning treats with one of our amazing volunteers

Frances, Grant, and some of our volunteers looking at the canned goods

Award winning canned goods

Betty and Courtney

Nancy and Charlotte with one of our volunteers

Lisa and one of our fabulous volunteers

Admiring some of the quilts

Molly and her daughter, Claudia

Vicki and Zach

Stained glass globe

Nancy in front of the painted eggs

Butter art…who knew?

Butter art

Butter art based on the American Gothic painting by Grant Wood

Admiring these cuties

More goats

The goats were all for getting attention


Frank and one of our wonderful volunteers

Nancy and one of the state fair volunteers

Pulling cheese

Dairy cows


Adorable piglets

Just finished getting sheared

Frances got to touch Bello Nock’s infamous hair (he is known as the world’s greatest daredevil)

Guinness Book of World Records daredevil and clown Bello Nock preformed for us

Enjoying some well earned shade

Debby and Lynn


West Jordan Senior Harmonica Band Perform

Thank you for coming to Carrington Court and performing for our residents! They enjoyed the performance, and were impressed by the talent! We hope to see you perform again!

Line Dancers Perform- “Young at Heart”

Carrington Court residents want to thank the Line Dancers for a great performance! They enjoyed it, and it was very entertaining!

Adventure to Frank’s room!

Frank is such a talented, smart, funny, kind person! He is an amazing painter. He likes to use oil paint for his canvas. The paintings he has in his room is mostly of his horses from his horse ranch. He painted one of his wife Meryl, and one of flowers in a vase. Frank was a school teacher at Joel P. Jensen middle school, and taught in California. He taught English and History. Also, he taught people who wanted to become American citizens. Frank says that is “one of the most rewarding things he has ever done.” Frank has his Master’s degree, and a Ph.D. He has gone on two missions to Norway, he can speak Norwegian very well!

Meet Frank!

Meet Frank!


Movie Time!

We have the perfect movie room here at Carrington Court, so our residents can enjoy a good movie! With popcorn, cookies and drinks! They really seem to enjoy it!

The residents waiting for their movie to start!

The residents waiting for their movie to start!

Enjoying their cookies and popcorn!

Enjoying their cookies and popcorn!