Trick or Treat

After the magician performed his tricks, we decided on four winners for the costume contest.  Among the winners was a flamingo, an Incredible Hulk, a unicorn, and a vampire!  We had all kinds of amazing costumes last year, it was nearly impossible to decide.  After the costume contest, we had our residents, and their family members help us hand out candy for our main event, trick or treating.   Everyone had a great time, and all the kids left with a big basket full of candy.

The Magician

For our Halloween party in Memory Care, we got a magician to entertain both the kids and the residents.  Everyone had a great time, and no one could guess how he did it!

Getting Ready for the Halloween Party

Our residents took some time to dress up before the Halloween party.  Everyone got into the Halloween spirit.  Even our staff dressed up for the day!

Fun with the U of U students

For one semester our residents get to have fun with these four students from the University of Utah! They’ve played some really fun games, here are some pictures from playing horse shoes, Jeopardy, skee ball and a scavenger hunt where the winners got chocolate!


Pinewood Derby 2019

Carrington Court was lucky enough to host a pinewood derby for these boy scouts! Everyone came out for the derby, each resident took turns picking a car to race. All the cars looked great and it was so fun to watch. Then at the end we all enjoyed a tasty ice cream treat! 


Valentine’s Day Party!

Every year the Valentine’s Day party is a fan favorite! From the delicious food, and everyone’s favorite chocolate fountain to spending the evening with family, it is always a lot of fun! We are so grateful to our amazing kitchen staff for making such a wonderful meal and of course all of our other staff and management for making the night so fun. But most of all we are grateful for the family and friends that we love so much, they made the night perfect!

Here are some fun pictures from the night:



Cookie Time

We were so excited the other day because Rhea’s daughter came with cookies and frosting! And all of the residents got to decorate their own Valentine’s Day cookie! Cookies are a favorite treat, but it’s even better getting to eat your own creation. Everyone had a great time frosting and getting creative with the sprinkles and of course eating them!


We Love BINGO!

The fact that our Assisted Living residents love to play BINGO is not a surprise to many. Though, the other day we decided to mix things up a little! Everyone joined in the fun and wore Valentine’s Day heart head bands! Here are some pictures from the game.

A Day at the Museum

Our Memory Care residents and their families all gathered together to go to the Gale Museum in South Jordan. They got to take a tour of the whole museum, and got to see what South Jordan looked like way back in the day. The museum was full of interesting recreations of homes, stores, and even a schoolhouse and our residents really enjoyed going through all of them and looking at all the little details.



Off to the Races!

This week we went off to the horse race here at Carrington Court! The field had six horses named by the residents, there was:

  1. Don’t Give Up
  2. Gone With the Wind
  3. Lucky
  4. Go Boy
  5. Old Rex and
  6. Pineapple

Charlotte named horse #3, Lucky and he won! Before we started, Glen, Lynn and Charlotte all picked Lucky to win, and he did! They each get to hold the perpetual winning trophy in their room for a couple of days to celebrate the win!

What a fun game, congratulations Lucky and our winners!