Red Butte Garden

There is no better way to begin the autumn season than a visit to the Red Butte Garden. Our assisted living crew recently visited the gardens in order to get one last look at the summer plant life before autumn begins to turn the leaves. This is one of our favorite trips as we love seeing the beauty that nature has to offer and the staff at the gardens are amazing and give such a wonderful tour. See below the wonders of nature we were treated to.

School Supply Run

Here at Carrington Court we are very lucky to have so many of our community members come to visit with us and we want to make sure we are giving back to our community. With this in mind our assisted living crew recently visited Jackling Elementary School to donate some much needed school supplies. We had so much fun being able to visit and meet some of the staff whose classrooms the supplies would be going to.

Norma and LaRae

Lynn and Myrna







At the school getting ready to deliver the supplies


Sunset art

Breanne, the art teacher from Indian Hills Elementary has once again let us enjoy her talents as an artist and a teacher. She helped our assisted living crew create water colors of sunsets to enjoy as decoration in our rooms. We always enjoys our time with Breanne as she lets us use our imaginations and create a painting that is as realistic or abstract as we want it to be. Thank you again for spending time with us and letting us enjoy the process of creating art!


West Jordan Senior Center Band

There is never a dull moment when the West Jordan Senior Center Band decides to pay our assisted living crew a visit and their most recent visit was no exception. This group of local seniors truly puts their heart and soul into playing music and having fun together and it shows during each performance. During their most recent visit with our assisted living crew we were able to do the twist together and sing some fun 50s era music to go with the poodle skirt and greaser dolls. We can’t wait until the band visits again!

Parting is such sweet sorrow

It is always hard to say goodbye to our University of Utah students after twelve weeks of getting to know one-another. However, we are so excited to see where their futures lead them. The most recently group of U of U students ended their time with us mid-August. Three of the students (Brandon, Monica, and Megan) are going on to further their educations with masters and doctoral programs and one of the students (Tierra) is jumping straight into the workforce to lead senior community activity exercise groups. We wish you well Megan, Tierra, Monica, and Brandon!

Everyone is trying to complete the brain-buster exercise

Brandon leading the group in the brain-buster exercise (your hands must move opposite directions while spinning your fingers)

Musical Jeopardy (residents versus U of U students)

Brandon, Monica, and Megan helping keep score and track of the questions/music

Tierra was the master-mind behind the musical selections

The U students lost miserably

Time for reminiscing questions

Sharing stories about our past experiences with each other

We don’t do serious here 🙂    (Norma and Jim)

End of semester pictures!

Silly faces

Strike a pose

Dancing the day away


U for University of Utah


Feeding the birds at Liberty Park

Recently our assisted living crew took a trip to Liberty Park to feed the geese and the ducks. Norma, Molly, and Vicki were able to hand feed a few of the geese. We had so much fun. It was a gorgeous day for an outing and to visit with good friends and community members.

Mike and Ellen

Floyd, Mike, Ellen, Lynn H., Molly, and Myrna

Norma, Jeane, and Vicki


Molly hand feeding a goose

Vicki and Norma hand feeding the geese

Norma hand feeding a goose

Floyd, Mike, Ellen, and Lynn up close with a goose

Norma is always up for chatting with the younger generation

Mike, Ellen, Lynn H., Molly, Louis, and Myrna

These geese were not shy at all!

We had so much fun today getting to feed the geese and ducks!

Tracey Aviary

Our memory care residents had a great time at the Tracey Aviary the other day. It was such nice weather all the birds were out and about! We saw baby flamingos, peacocks wandering around, owls and all sorts of birds! There are so many flowers and gardens too that we enjoyed. And it was even more special to have all our family members come enjoy it with us! To top it off we ended our trip with a picnic lunch in the aviary! It was a great day!



Each year in August our assisted living crew takes a day and visits the animals at the zoo. It is one of our favorite outings and this year was no different. We were able to see the elephant perform, the lion was lazing right next to the window, the red panda was sunning himself, the sea lions and seals were racing each other, the polar bears waved by the windows, and there was a baby orangutan. We were so blessed to have the many volunteers join us to push wheelchairs and allow our residents to be comfortable while viewing the animals. It was a very successful and fun trip and we can’t wait to do it again next year!


Our wonderful volunteers

Headed back to the bus after a wonderful outing

Lynn H.

Marilyn, Norma, and Rhea

Lisa watching the polar bears

Molly watching the seals

Gloria and Glendora watching the seals

Time to see the elephants




Our volunteers hard at work

Marilyn watching the lion stretch



The elephant was putting on a show

Sea lions

Polar bear saying hi


Red panda

Is it an alligator or crocodile? Do you know the difference?

Baby orangutan

The orangutans were playing


Presentation Day

At the end of each 12 week session the University of Utah students usually come by after graduation to drop off a binder that outlines what their goals, purpose statement, and end results of their visits were. However, the most recent group of students we hosted (Brandon, Monica, Tierra, and Megan) were asked by their professor to give a presentation to our residents so the residents could see for themselves what the U of U students had been working on. Needless to say it went over very well. It was really cool to learn about all of the behind the scenes things the U of U students do in order to make each week successful and it was fun to see all the questions and interaction from the residents. We hope this will continue for future groups and want to give a huge thank you to this past group of students for all of the effort they put in and sharing their time with us. Good luck in everything you do!!!

Leading the residents in exercise.

Learning about the importance of wrist and hand exercise.

We’ve had so much fun learning new exercises from this group of U of U students!

Balloon badminton

Jeane going in for the hit

Tierra almost getting hit in the head (don’t worry she got her racket up in time)

The U of U students’ purpose statement

Everyone was very focused on hearing more about what the U of U students were striving to learn

We are so proud of Brandon, Monica, Megan, and Tierra for all the work they have put it!

We love volunteers!

At Carrington Court we love volunteers! Involving the community in what we do is important to us. So, it was really fun to have this big group from Castle and Cooke mortgage come and join in activities with our memory care residents. Some played basketball, others did a really fun craft, some did puzzles, and others just sat and visited. It was such and enjoyable morning we were sad to see them go.