Hawthorn Academy Visit

Our assisted living crew has partnered with Hawthorn Academy as pen pals. Specifically, Fay M. has been writing back and forth with the children for a few months. In late December the children from Mrs. Anderson’s class came to visit and meet Fay and our other residents. It was fun to get to know the students we have been conversing with and see them perform for us.

Family Christmas Performance

Every once in a while our assisted living crew is blessed to have several families come in just to visit and perform for us. The Saturday before Christmas was one such day. Several families banded together and came in to perform Christmas music, songs from musicals, gymnastics, and other fun things for us. They also played Christmas bingo with us and as you all know bingo is where it is at at Carrington Court! See below the fun pictures from that day.

Pajama Day 2017

Each year in December we have a pajama day. It is such a fun day! Our whole staff, residents, and even family members hang out all day in their winter themed pajamas and just have a fun, relaxing day enjoying each other’s company before Christmas.

Paying it forward

The Friday before Christmas our assisted living crew took a bus ride out to an area construction site and passed out donuts in order to say “Merry Christmas” and to thank them for all that they do. We had so much fun interacting with the crew and ensuring they had smiles on their faces that morning.

Making Sugar Cookies

Most everyone has fond memories of cookies, whether it is eating them or joining in with the baking! It is always great fun and makes us happy!!


Family Christmas Dinner

What a merry Christmas our residents had! Joined by their families and loved ones. We had a great dinner prepared by our awesome kitchen and a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus! It was a fun night spent together as a family. We are so grateful to all who help us put this together. Merry Christmas!




BINGO is a much loved pastime here at Carrington Court. Several days a week our assisted living crew gathers in the afternoon to play together. We have a ton of fun razing each other, seeing who¬† will shout out “BINGO” first, and just taking time to enjoy each other’s company. We always welcome extra players if you ever want to try your luck.

The crew

Larry and Carolyn

Louis and Willy

Lynn D.





Jeane and Alicia