We love volunteers!

At Carrington Court we love volunteers! Involving the community in what we do is important to us. So, it was really fun to have this big group from Castle and Cooke mortgage come and join in activities with our memory care residents. Some played basketball, others did a really fun craft, some did puzzles, and others just sat and visited. It was such and enjoyable morning we were sad to see them go.


National Blueberry Month

July was national blueberry month! And to celebrate we made some blueberry sorbet! It was tasty and the perfect summer treat!


Happy Pioneer Day!

Pioneer Day is such a fun holiday, with a lot of memories of traditions for some of the residents.  Our memory care residents celebrated for a few days, with so many different activities and crafts we couldn’t fit them all into one day.

One day we made little dolls out of yarn! At first they seemed complicated but everyone figured it out and they turned out so cute!

Then, it was hard work but well worth it to make our own butter! We just shook up some cream and salt until we had butter! It tasted really good especially on the muffins we made that morning.

It was hard work cutting and gluing everything together but a lot of fun to make these covered wagons! We are grateful we didn’t have to travel in these!

On Pioneer Day we all sat down and watched the parade on TV! Parades are full of tradition, especially for this holiday, and it’s so nice to watch it inside with air conditioning! After the parade, we played a fun horse race game.

These next pictures are of the handkerchief dolls we made!







Surprise visits are the best

We here at Carrington Court are blessed to live in a wonderful neighborhood. A few weeks ago a group of girls decided to pop in for an impromptu visit. They performed some music and acrobatics for us and then played balloon badminton with us. We had so much fun during this surprise visit. We really love our little neighborhood and are so glad to have such wonderful people surrounding us.

Larry, Jeane, and Marilyn posing with the girls

Group picture

Window decor they made for us

Showing us how to do a bridge

Ukulele time

Everyone here loves piano music

It’s so fun to listen to the ukulele

The girls all performed for us. It was very fun to watch

Homemade Ice Cream

Our Memory Care residents had such a fun time making ice cream! It brought back a lot of memories for some and freezing cold hands for all. We shook up the ingredients in bags of ice, after a while we wrapped them in blankets to save our hands! It was well worth it, and so yummy!

Pioneer Day Floats

Our assisted living crew went to see the Days of ’47 parade floats a few days before the parade in order to see them while having air conditioning. We had a lot of fun getting to see all of the beautiful floats, voting for our favorites, getting to interact with the Days of ’47 royalty, and getting to see some of the performances. Vicki was especially excited as the royalty took time to pose with her and get to know her. Our assisted living crew is so glad that our community makes sure that those who are more sensitive to heat and sun get a chance to see the floats and have fun with the parade participants.

Vicki with the Days of ’47 Queen and First Attendant







Vicki, Rhea, Molly, and Carolyn

Rockets away!

One of the best parts of living in a small community is how often Carrington Court receives visitors and offers to interact with various groups in our community. Recently a group of children from one of the neighborhoods close to Carrington came to ask if we would like to participate in launching foam rockets at a local South Jordan park. We, of course, said yes and we are very glad we did. The group consisted of Frank Loeffler (the previous LDS president for Carrington), his son, and his grandchildren. The adults showed us how they created the rocket launchers and showed us how to set them up. They then let us fire the rockets and the children ran after them to bring them back for the next person. We had so much fun interacting with the children and learning from the adults. Our assisted living crew is so thankful that we were able to participate in this awesome activity!

Rhea getting ready to set off one of the rockets

The rocket retrievers. We had so much fun hanging out with these guys!

Glendora and Paige

Frank’s about to set off his rocket

Jim taking a turn

Peter’s up to bat

Floyd about to set off a rocket

Frank was all smiles today

He needed some water in order to keep retrieving the rockets

The kids worked hard to gather all the rockets after they were fired off

He got one!

He got two!

Running the rockets back for the next person to fire them

Setting up to fire the rockets

Homemade rocket launcher. Very cool!

Everyone was very intrigued by the set up process


Starry Night

The art teacher from Indian Hills Elementary, Breanne, recently came to visit with our assisted living crew and helped them each create a piece of the Starry Night painting by Vincent Van Gogh. We had such fun doing this as each resident was given just a small piece of the picture to recreate. See below for the awesome final product.

Lynn T.

Carolyn and Molly


Norma and Molly


Frank and Floyd


Gloria and Glendora





Lynn H.

Burt and Jim

Maggie, Jim, Jeane, and Larry

The final product with the whole crew and Breanna (yellow polka dot)

Hooray for our awesome project!


Summer Luau

Carrington Court recently hosted a luau for our residents and their families. To say it was a huge hit is an understatement. The evening was wonderful with delicious food, good company, amazing entertainment, and fun family pictures to top it off. We would like to give a gigantic thank you to all of the staff that made this event possible, to the families that came to share the evening with us, and to the men that came to dance for us. See below the fabulous pictures and outfits everyone wore for this fun event.

Fourth of July Fun!

Our memory care residents had a great time with activities for Independence Day! A few days before the holiday we made festive wreaths to hang on doors…

We also ate festive cookies, and made red, white and blue bracelets! It is always such a fun holiday to celebrate!

And this is the cake we made and decorated like a flag! So yummy!