U of U students

Several times per year we at Carrington Court Assisted Living are lucky enough to host some of the senior U of U students. These students spend 12 Saturdays with us as part of a project in which they help our residents exercise their bodies and minds. This group of students has been one of the best we have had to date. All of the residents love them as well as our staff. Every Saturday has seen a new, unique game or activity and it has been a joy to watch the residents’ faces light up for each one they have been introduced to. See below how big our smiles are for the parachute activity. Our current group is getting close to the end of their time with us and while we are sad to see them go we are excited to see what the future holds for them. Cameron, Ali, Hunter, and Max we are truly thankful for all you have done and wish you well as you go on to your Masters and Doctoral work.

Practicing lifting and shifting the parachute.

A little more practice

Janice, Betty, Max, and Molly

Rhea, Larry, and Myrna

Louis, Joyce, Hunter, and the student’s advisor

Cameron, Frank, and Louis

Wanda, Floyd, Cameron, and Jeane. The goal was to see which side could get the most balls into the hole in the middle of the parachute.

Marilyn, Wilbern, Ali, Norma, and Vicki

Molly, Nancy, Marilyn, Wilbern, and Ali

Betty, Max, Molly, Nancy, and Marilyn

This activity looks like a lot of fun

Hunter encouraging his side on

Having a blast while Cameron gives tips

Max encouraging his side

Ali helping her side out

Almost to the middle

Our amazing group of U of U students: Hunter Laver, Ali Tapia-Perez, Cameron Bennett, and Max Hunter

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