The Univeristy of Utah Students


Each semester Carrington Court is privileged to have the University of Utah students come and work with our residents. The students are Exercise Sports Science Majors. As a cap stone to their degree’s they are required to take class entitled Promoting Health in the Community. As a part of our daily activities Carrington Court has ‘Let’s Move’ exercises each morning. During ‘Let’s Move’ the residents participate in seated and standing exercises that help keep their bodies active. The students get the opportunity to come and organize and direct the exercises with our residents and the other morning activities. This semester we have 3 wonderful students, Kerry, Broderick, and Dane who come every Saturday morning. They bring so much excitement and fun to our environment. The residents love spending time with them. In the pictures below you will see them doing some sitting exercises and walking around the building. Following that; the residents found out the Dane plays the drums. They watched a video of him playing. After, the residents were handed a set of drum sticks where they learned a couple of rhythms on a chair.

Carrington Court has had the opportunity to have a different group of students come each

semester (fall, spring and summer) for several semesters now and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the University and bringing new faces and ideas to our facility.

Broderick, Kerry, and Dane

Broderick, Kerry, and Dane

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