Root beer social and songs

Last Saturday Salt Lake City was host to a LDS youth conference. As part of the conference the youth were sent out to five different assisted livings to sing and have a root beer float social. The youth in the group that came to Carrington sang America the Beautiful, God Bless America, and the National Anthem. We were so glad to get to meet these teenagers and get to know them over root beer floats.

Chad and Suzanne visiting with some of the youth

Monica and one of the youth leaders

Louis getting to know one of the youth


Larry and Carolyn


Lynn T. and one of the youth having an intense discussion

Lynn H.



Vicki and Marilyn




Listening to the National Anthem

National Anthem

The youth group singing the National Anthem for us

Looking up the words to America the Beautiful

Chad and Suzanne enjoying a root beer float

Frank was very happy that we were given ice cream


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