Purple Tuesday Continued

Carrington Court has always done it’s best to promote Alzheimer’s awareness. A few years back our administrative staff started Purple Tuesdays in order to better bring awareness to our community. Wearing purple each Tuesday has been a wonderful way to get people to ask why everyone is wearing purple and has allowed us to start conversations about the importance of recognizing, treating, and researching Alzheimer’s Disease. Recently Active Home Health and Hospice began a competition between a few assisted living and memory care facilities in our area. The goal was to have everyone wear purple each Tuesday of the competition and the winner would get a BBQ for the whole facility. While we did not win our staff and residents certainly gave their best to have as much purple as possible. See below the wonderful themes we came up with each Tuesday. Also, a special note to please stay tuned for an update. Active will be posting a special tribute to Carrington Court based on a poem and idea one of our assisted living resident’s came up with. A blog dedicated to this should be posted within the next couple of weeks.

AL CNAs: Raquell, Vickie, Michelle, Riahna, and Shine

The whole gang

AL Residents

CNAs: Back Row: Ashley, Alyssa, Raquell, and Rina. Front Row: Paige, Vickie, Riahna, and Lindsay.


Hearts for Alzheimer’s

Back Row: Gene, Lynn T., Floyd, Glen, Larry, and Louis. Front Row: Myrna, Rhea, Eulala, Marilyn, Vicki, Dona, and Jeane. In the background is Suzanne T.

Management: Wayne, Gwen, Debbie, Blanca, Diane, Kylie, Kenn, Nicole, Tina, and Scott

CNAs: Lindsay, Paige, Ashley, and Rina and Maintenance manager: Kenn

Purple Heroes!

Back Row: Ryan, Gwen, Brittany, Doug, Martha, Caza, Blanca, Leticia, Christine. Front Row: Kenn, Natasha, and Crystal.

We can do it!


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