Scouting puzzles

One of our AL residents, Marilyn, is the queen of puzzles. It is always amazing how fast she can put one together. Marilyn often helps other residents work on their puzzles when they get stuck on a particularly hard part. However, that doesn’t mean that Marilyn won’t accept a bit of help herself. One of our local scout troops came to visit and asked if they could work on a puzzle with her. By the looks of the pictures they had a wonderful time and completed quite a bit of the puzzle together.

Parachute party

Our wonderful AL activities director, Diane, is always coming up with new and exciting ways to help engage our residents and ensure they are getting plenty of exercise and peer interaction. Our assisted living crew, residents and employees alike, are lucky to have her imagination at work every day and cannot thank her enough for all she does. Below is one of the fun games she has come up with. 

Snowflake trees

Here at CC we love taking time to create our own decorations for each season. With the lack of snow this winter our assisted living crew made snowflake trees to help encourage the snow to begin. See below the dazzling results.

Back row: Rhea, Marilyn, Carolyn, Norma, and Jeane. Front row: Molly, Vicki, Lynn H., Betty, and Myrna.









Rhea and Marilyn


Hawthorn Academy Visit

Our assisted living crew has partnered with Hawthorn Academy as pen pals. Specifically, Fay M. has been writing back and forth with the children for a few months. In late December the children from Mrs. Anderson’s class came to visit and meet Fay and our other residents. It was fun to get to know the students we have been conversing with and see them perform for us.

Family Christmas Performance

Every once in a while our assisted living crew is blessed to have several families come in just to visit and perform for us. The Saturday before Christmas was one such day. Several families banded together and came in to perform Christmas music, songs from musicals, gymnastics, and other fun things for us. They also played Christmas bingo with us and as you all know bingo is where it is at at Carrington Court! See below the fun pictures from that day.