Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter bunny was kind enough to visit Carrington Court a week early this year so he could hide eggs all around CC’s building for our resident’s families to come find. The bunny hid over 1,600 eggs for us and hid a special 20 golden eggs that let some lucky kids win prizes. It was an absolute joy to see everyone’s families come and take part in this special day. While it only took a few minutes to find all of the eggs the memories that were made will last a lifetime. See below how much fun our assisted living crew and their families had at our Easter celebration.

St. Patrick’s Day

Our assisted living crew is always up to dressing up for the holidays and St. Patrick’s Day was no different. Our residents and staff went all out wearing green for the day. See below how we all pinch proofed ourselves. Our wonderful U students also showed us how to play “Juice Pong” in honor of what St. Patrick’s Day is famous for in the U.S. Molly and Carolyn really rocked this game.





Lynn H.











Glen O.




Lynn H., Carolyn, Floyd

Maggie and Steve

Norma, Diane, Rhea, Donna, and Skyler

Kendall, Floyd, Marilyn, Vicki, Larry, Lynn H., and Carolyn


Rinceoiri Don Spraoi

This Irish dance group’s name translates to “Dancing for fun” and did we ever have fun watching them perform for us just before St. Patrick’s Day. Seeing the traditional dancing and listening to the music really put us in the mood to find those who would not wear green for a quick pinch on the 17th (just kidding…mostly). The Rinceoiri Don Spraoi dancers were so fun to interact with. We would like to give another thank you for them coming to visit our assisted living crew.

Presenting Act III

Our assisted living crew was recently visited by the Salt Lake Assistance League Act III Choir. We had a lot of fun dancing and singing with them. They even had an accordion to jam with. See below our residents getting their boogie on with this fabulous group.

Norma and Ellen dancing up a storm


Singing together

Gene has the boogie fever

Silly hats! We love them!



Singing and Silliness

Our assisted living crew absolutely loves it when the Deci-Bells come to visit. Their voices are beautiful and the silliness they bring with their costumes, acting, and dancing make their performances even more memorable. We are so thankful that they are always willing to take time to come perform for us and visit with us after. See below for the fabulous costumes from their most recent performance.

Gold Medal Care

One of our assisted living crew made us this wonderful plaque for the entrance of our building. This resident has chosen to remain anonymous. For our part as employees we must say that seeing this plaque and all the gold medals every morning really starts the day out right. Thank you to whoever made this for us. We love it!

CC Olympics

Three of our wonderful U of U students (Skyler, Sammi, and Kendall) put together a morning of Olympic games together for our assisted living crew. We took part in water bottle races, floor hockey, a music guessing game, and skee ball. It was all fun and games until we got to the hockey match. The hockey match saw our AL crew’s competitive sides come out. All of the games were fun to participate in and we would like to thank the U of U students for such a fabulous morning!

Valentine’s Day Dinner

We love having the chance to share holiday meals with family. We recently hosted a Valentine’s Day dinner for our assisted living crew and their family members. The night was wonderful with delicious food, good company, and lots of laughs. We would like to thank everyone who made this dinner possible and give a huge thank you to everyone who attended. You all made the night exciting and memorable.

Valentine’s Day with Jordan Ridge

Ms. Tolbert’s 4th grade class from Jordan Ridge Elementary came to visit for a Valentine’s Day craft and to play a Valentine’s Day themed Bingo with our assisted living crew. We always love our visits with her class; it’s fun to interact with the kids and to be able to trade stories and learn from each other. We are so thankful for the time they spent with us and the lovely cards they brought for our crew.

Norma and Diane









Lynn T.


Glen O.




Leon and Floyd