Tracey Aviary

Our memory care residents had a great time at the Tracey Aviary the other day. It was such nice weather all the birds were out and about! We saw baby flamingos, peacocks wandering around, owls and all sorts of birds! There are so many flowers and gardens too that we enjoyed. And it was even more special to have all our family members come enjoy it with us! To top it off we ended our trip with a picnic lunch in the aviary! It was a great day!


We love volunteers!

At Carrington Court we love volunteers! Involving the community in what we do is important to us. So, it was really fun to have this big group from Castle and Cooke mortgage come and join in activities with our memory care residents. Some played basketball, others did a really fun craft, some did puzzles, and others just sat and visited. It was such and enjoyable morning we were sad to see them go.


National Blueberry Month

July was national blueberry month! And to celebrate we made some blueberry sorbet! It was tasty and the perfect summer treat!


Happy Pioneer Day!

Pioneer Day is such a fun holiday, with a lot of memories of traditions for some of the residents.  Our memory care residents celebrated for a few days, with so many different activities and crafts we couldn’t fit them all into one day.

One day we made little dolls out of yarn! At first they seemed complicated but everyone figured it out and they turned out so cute!

Then, it was hard work but well worth it to make our own butter! We just shook up some cream and salt until we had butter! It tasted really good especially on the muffins we made that morning.

It was hard work cutting and gluing everything together but a lot of fun to make these covered wagons! We are grateful we didn’t have to travel in these!

On Pioneer Day we all sat down and watched the parade on TV! Parades are full of tradition, especially for this holiday, and it’s so nice to watch it inside with air conditioning! After the parade, we played a fun horse race game.

These next pictures are of the handkerchief dolls we made!







Homemade Ice Cream

Our Memory Care residents had such a fun time making ice cream! It brought back a lot of memories for some and freezing cold hands for all. We shook up the ingredients in bags of ice, after a while we wrapped them in blankets to save our hands! It was well worth it, and so yummy!

Fourth of July Fun!

Our memory care residents had a great time with activities for Independence Day! A few days before the holiday we made festive wreaths to hang on doors…

We also ate festive cookies, and made red, white and blue bracelets! It is always such a fun holiday to celebrate!

And this is the cake we made and decorated like a flag! So yummy!

Books and Music with the Library

We had some amazing guests come from the South Jordan Library! They read a fun book and along with the story we all sang songs and talked about fun memories. It was such a fun experience, we are so grateful they took time to come share with our memory care residents.


Summer Luau

Aloha! We had such a fun tropical night celebrating family and summer time! And everyone got dressed up for the occasion. Our residents shared time with family, great food, and amazing entertainment! Everyone loved the great father, son dance team, they were so fun to watch it made the night an unforgettable experience!

We had a lot of fun taking pictures of everyone all dressed up!

Pictures from the fun dance performance



Beautiful Butterflies

Several weeks ago we got a kit to watch caterpillars grow into butterflies! It was so exciting to see each stage. First they were small little caterpillars that we kept in this small cup:

After a few weeks, they ate and grew to be more than twice the size they were when we got them. Then they crawl up to the top of the cup and hang upside down to form their chrysalis.

After they all formed their chrysalis we took the lid off the cup and placed it in a butterfly habitat so they could hatch.

We waited and waited about a week longer and finally we had butterflies!!!

We kept them in the habitat for about a week. Feeding them orange slices and sugar water everyday. Finally a nice day came along and we released them out into our patio.

They wouldn’t come out except on our fingers, it was fun getting to see them up close on the flowers after they flew away. It was a little sad to let them go, we loved seeing them everyday. Hopefully they will stick around and we can see them every now and them.

Music, Music, Music

Our memory care residents love music! We had a visit from the lovely Harmony singers! They sang songs we all remember, everyone sang a long and enjoyed the show!