Beautiful Butterflies

Several weeks ago we got a kit to watch caterpillars grow into butterflies! It was so exciting to see each stage. First they were small little caterpillars that we kept in this small cup:

After a few weeks, they ate and grew to be more than twice the size they were when we got them. Then they crawl up to the top of the cup and hang upside down to form their chrysalis.

After they all formed their chrysalis we took the lid off the cup and placed it in a butterfly habitat so they could hatch.

We waited and waited about a week longer and finally we had butterflies!!!

We kept them in the habitat for about a week. Feeding them orange slices and sugar water everyday. Finally a nice day came along and we released them out into our patio.

They wouldn’t come out except on our fingers, it was fun getting to see them up close on the flowers after they flew away. It was a little sad to let them go, we loved seeing them everyday. Hopefully they will stick around and we can see them every now and them.

Music, Music, Music

Our memory care residents love music! We had a visit from the lovely Harmony singers! They sang songs we all remember, everyone sang a long and enjoyed the show!

Purple Tuesday Continued

Carrington Court has always done it’s best to promote Alzheimer’s awareness. A few years back our administrative staff started Purple Tuesdays in order to better bring awareness to our community. Wearing purple each Tuesday has been a wonderful way to get people to ask why everyone is wearing purple and has allowed us to start conversations about the importance of recognizing, treating, and researching Alzheimer’s Disease. Recently Active Home Health and Hospice began a competition between a few assisted living and memory care facilities in our area. The goal was to have everyone wear purple each Tuesday of the competition and the winner would get a BBQ for the whole facility. While we did not win our staff and residents certainly gave their best to have as much purple as possible. See below the wonderful themes we came up with each Tuesday. Also, a special note to please stay tuned for an update. Active will be posting a special tribute to Carrington Court based on a poem and idea one of our assisted living resident’s came up with. A blog dedicated to this should be posted within the next couple of weeks.

AL CNAs: Raquell, Vickie, Michelle, Riahna, and Shine

The whole gang

AL Residents

CNAs: Back Row: Ashley, Alyssa, Raquell, and Rina. Front Row: Paige, Vickie, Riahna, and Lindsay.


Hearts for Alzheimer’s

Back Row: Gene, Lynn T., Floyd, Glen, Larry, and Louis. Front Row: Myrna, Rhea, Eulala, Marilyn, Vicki, Dona, and Jeane. In the background is Suzanne T.

Management: Wayne, Gwen, Debbie, Blanca, Diane, Kylie, Kenn, Nicole, Tina, and Scott

CNAs: Lindsay, Paige, Ashley, and Rina and Maintenance manager: Kenn

Purple Heroes!

Back Row: Ryan, Gwen, Brittany, Doug, Martha, Caza, Blanca, Leticia, Christine. Front Row: Kenn, Natasha, and Crystal.

We can do it!


Purple Tuesday’s

Here at Carrington Court we wear purple every Tuesday to support awareness for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Here are some pictures of our Memory Care residents and getting the whole group involved. Feel free to join us in raising awareness by wearing purple on Tuesdays!

Local Motion Dancers

Our memory care residents were so excited to see all of these fun dancers!! The dance group, Local Motion came and presented some of their younger classes spring showcase and we loved it! There were cute costumes, great dancers and lot’s of fun! We are so grateful they came and shared their talent with us!

Fun with Paper Plates

Our memory care residents had so much fun making these creative spring crafts with paper plates! Isn’t it interesting what you can do with a paper plate and some paint? We made these cute frogs, and then a butterfly that can fly onto the different flowers! Here are some pictures of the art work!


Spring Flowers

These pretty lilies were so fun to make. Our memory care residents traced their hands and folded them up into these nice flowers! They make such fun spring decorations around the room.

A Morning with the Opera

Our memory care residents recently got to spend a morning with the opera! It was such a wonderful experience.
Utah Symphony/Utah Opera Performers, Melanie Ashkar, Jesus Vicente Murillo, and Robert Bosworth in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association were gracious enough to come to our facility and share the gift of music and their angelic voices with our amazing residents.
We are so grateful that they came and shared that with us!

Fun with Baking!

Every Friday our memory care residents get to participate in our “Baking Class”. This week we made mini banana cream pies! Everyone had a fun time mixing and assembling their pies, but the best part is eating them of course! And they turned out great!

Singing Time

A few weeks ago we had so much fun dancing and singing along with John Green. He comes and brings all the best songs, some of the residents even took turns with the mic.